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 looking for something completely different...
 Why not request your own theme as seen here with Egypt
                                                          t door sign $35
Santa ridding camel $80
Elves decorate a sphinx $75
Christmas lights on a great pyramid % $75
little mice carrying candles $5 each
 These make fantastic garden boarders
Anthony and Cleopatra $80
Christmas mummy $70
 Why not try something new, something no-one has ever seen before,
  This Egyptian Christmas yard art set has been purchased by a school teacher who just loved all things Egypt, It has also been purchased as a Christmas gift for an Egyptian neighbor, I was told they were feeling very home sick, but this gift relay made them feel welcome in their new home country.
 Another set was purchased by someone just wanting to have a multi cultural Christmas and are waiting for my "china" set sometime through the year

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