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How to Display your decorations.


The most straight forward way to display your new Christmas lawn decorations is by planting.
Using 1-2 tomato or garden stakes..firstly sledge your stake into your garden, typically approximately 1 ft deep, the placing your decoration over the stake using "self tapping screws attach to the stake do this from the front of the piece to reduce the chances of cracking...It is best to leave a few inches at the base of your piece, 1 to make whipper snippering still possible around your piece and to enhance moisture flow beneath your piece.

Roof top displaying

first things first do not pick a wet or windy day to go playing on your root, just trust me on this one, don't laugh believe me, the wait can be too hard for some.

tiled roofs,

firstly locate beams that you will be able to fix  aluminum "L" brackets into, remove the minimum amount of tile you will need to work in and using self tapping screws fix  "L" bracket into the beam, place some plastic sheeting around this beam and replace the tiles, then fix your piece to the expose part of your "L" bracket, again screwing from the front of your piece

Iron or colorbond roofing,
process is the same as for tiled roof but you will need to locate the beam by following the line of screws already there, no removing tiles, no need to use plastic sheeting

Christmas yard art, outdoor Christmas decorations,
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